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Plastiki – 10 Year Anniversary

26 July 2010 saw the arrival of the Plastiki into Sydney Harbour.

Ten years on, the story of plastics in the oceans is mainstream – solutions for eradication or at least management of the problem are emerging.

The Plastiki’s story is fascinating and inspiring and you can relive it all here

The story is not over – Plastiki is now in the UK preparing for another adventure!

David’s Earth Day 2020 Message

In times of chaos, there is nothing more grounding than taking off your shoes so you can feel the Earth under your feet.  This Earth day should probably hold a more poignant place in our hearts than the last 50, as for the last few months Mother Nature has sent us all to our rooms to pause and reflect.

If our current pandemic has reminded me of anything, apart from how vulnerable and precious all life is, it’s also just how deeply interconnected and codependent we all are.  Business, society, Nature, me and you, we’re all part of the same big beautiful web of life.

It’s cliched to say, but if you keep on relentlessly pulling on one thread finally something has to give.  So as we re-emerge from our cocoons, there won’t be any easy answers, no final destination, and certainly no one-size-fits-all solution but the interconnectivity that threatened us all, might just also be our most promising hope for restoring the balance.

If we can take our new found collective consciousness, remain humble and work together with the flow of mother Nature and each other, then we might just find a way to keep on being passengers on spaceship Earth. Tread lightly!

Parrys Raines – Climate Girl

Parrys Raines is a longterm friend and supporter of Sculpt the Future Foundation.

A young woman – an Australian – Parrys has recently posted the following on her sites:

Today is the 11th anniversary of a letter I wrote to world leaders regarding action on climate change on 7 February 2009, when I was 13.  I delivered the letter in August 2009 to the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme at a conference in South Korea where I spoke and ran a workshop about the impacts of climate change.  The letter was also presented at COP15 in Copenhagen, in the same year.  When I wrote this letter I thought at the time that world leaders would do what was best for the planet andthe future of humanity, and take serious action to curb climate change. 11 years on, and with little global action on climate change, I felt compelled to write another letter.  I am truly concerned about where the planet will be in the next 11 years.  I want a different outlook for my future, and for future generations.  So I ask, world leaders, what are you waiting for?

Update from the Galapagos Conservation Trust:


GECO trip to Isabela island

Thanks to Sculpt the Future Foundation’s support, we are able to extend the reach of GECO’s campaign to Isabela island, Galapagos. In October, the first trip to Isabela was conducted, with four GECO members travelling to San Cristobal to participate in a cultural exchange with a local group on Isabela called Manos Reciclando (translates to ‘Recycling Hands’). 

GECO members stayed for three and a half days and shared experiences and knowledge on responsible consumption of single-use plastics and reusing waste materials, as well as the campaign activities they conduct on San Cristobal to promote responsible plastic use. Manos Reciclando also shared the activities they do to encourage more families to engage with this issue and conducted a workshop with GECO members to show how they’re using creative methods to find other uses for plastic waste.

The trip was a great success. Together, both groups also visited Radio Isabela to communicate the activities that were carried out to the community and to encourage more Galapagueños to reduce their plastic consumption.

Another trip to Isabela has been planned for March 2019, and we look forward to sharing updates from this trip in due course.

All images © GECO

Running South America With My Husband and Other Animals

StFF beneficiary – the 5000 Mile Project – has launched its book entitled: ‘Running South America With My Husband and Other Animals’.

This expedition was a first! An epic adventure documented by Katharine and David Lowrie, who are both keen environmentalists.

They are giving talks and having book signing events in the UK or you can buy it from the publisher here or if you can’t do that, then from or

Katharine and Dave are an inspiration but check out their video first and make your own mind up:


5000 Mile Project – update

StFF beneficiary couple – David and Katharine Lowrie – are the first to run the length of South America, unsupported, for its wilderness and wildlife.

The following is an extract from their latest email update:

NEW BOOK!- Running South America with my husband and other animals

I have a publisher! ‘Running South America with my husband and other animals’ will be zooming into shops near you from this August! It’s about our love affair with running and wildlife- so much so, that we ran a continent to meet its wild animals. How we lived life at its rawest; with insects crawling over us, sleeping in jaguars’ ‘back-yards’ and washing in ditches by the side of the road. Running marathons back-to-back for days on end, this crazy feat nearly cost us our marriage, health and lives….. More details to come!

Check out their website here