Parrys Raines – Climate Girl

Parrys Raines is a longterm friend and supporter of Sculpt the Future Foundation.

A young woman – an Australian – Parrys has recently posted the following on her sites:

Today is the 11th anniversary of a letter I wrote to world leaders regarding action on climate change on 7 February 2009, when I was 13.  I delivered the letter in August 2009 to the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme at a conference in South Korea where I spoke and ran a workshop about the impacts of climate change.  The letter was also presented at COP15 in Copenhagen, in the same year.  When I wrote this letter I thought at the time that world leaders would do what was best for the planet andthe future of humanity, and take serious action to curb climate change. 11 years on, and with little global action on climate change, I felt compelled to write another letter.  I am truly concerned about where the planet will be in the next 11 years.  I want a different outlook for my future, and for future generations.  So I ask, world leaders, what are you waiting for?