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ReWild Yourself

ReWild Yourself All Over The World
The Voice for Nature Foundation is proud to support the work of ReWIld Yourself, an initiative by our founding company Voice for Nature.
Since launching in 2022, ReWild Yourself has provided camps in Utah and London for inner-city school children to learn, connect and play in the outdoors, keeping their connection to Nature alive at a crucial point in their late childhood, inspiring them to stay connected as they grow older.
ReWild Yourself works closely with the Nature Connection research of The University of Derby, and is creating an online community of worldwide organisations who provide access to Nature for all, especially underserved communities.
A key part of ReWild Yourself’s action to inspire a reconnection in adults and children to Nature is their Nature Guides for large cities, where access to Nature can be very limited. Thus far, they have released 4 international city locations – New York, Montreal, London and Seoul. 
Visit their website at to learn more.

Earth Day 2022


Welcome to the first edition of Voice for Nature’s online magazine, VOICE!

As natural storytellers, VFN wants to bring you something you can look forward to and enjoy reading without any goal other than sharing knowledge, hopes and updates on our Nature projects.

They’ll be using this format to occasionally provide content aligned to their goal of giving Nature a voice. Issues will be created dependent on interesting events and topics rather than a time schedule.

Earth Day falls on 22.4.22 this year which resonated with us as a reflection of symmetry in Nature, and how we are being called upon to be kinder to the environment and each other.

Download a PDF copy on the Voice for Nature website – – under “Play”, and subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive upcoming editions.

Team VFN

Link to website for PDF download:

Report – Asociacion Hippocampus_Plumbum Project

During 2021, volunteer divers, with a small grant from Voice for Nature Foundation undertook 6 field action over an 8 month period in with the following results:

30 volunteer divers from the Hippocampus Association

51 volunteer divers from other Associations and Clubs.

95 ground support volunteers, both from A. Hippocampus, and other

participating Associations.


Lead removed from coastal areas in 6 actions

81 volunteer divers

32,653 kilos of lead

What’s more:

2,562 kilos of other types of garbage extracted from the seabed during 6 actions

TLEM Fund: Isla Urbana

Towards the end of 2021, the Foundation’s The Lost Explorer Mezcal Fund (TLEM Fund) supported grass roots project in Mexico.

Check out Isla Urbana’s update here

Global Biodiversity Festival 20-23 May 2021

Register and check in tomorrow morning at 9.30am (BST) to catch David speaking at the Globaldiversity Festival – details below:

The Global Biodiversity Festival kicks off today! Celebrate our planet’s amazing biodiversity and those protecting it with 150+ speakers from over 50 countries around the world all through the weekend. #GlobalBioFest

Find all the details and register now:

Voices of Sustainability by the Zayed Sustainability Prize – 29/04/2021

David de Rothschild accepted an invitation to speak at the second episode of Voices of Sustainability by the Zayed Sustainability Prize, which aired on 29 April 2021 under the theme “Protecting biodiversity and why it matters”. The webinar was a huge success and the video has been watched over 10,000 times on YouTube. Well worth checking out.

Earth Day 2021

It’s time for a new narrative.
One that shows us what’s possible.
That articulates how we thrive not just survive.
We need to harness our creativity.
It’s not just our intelligence that makes us creative,
it’s our passion,
our imagination,
our empathy,
our innovation.
It’s our ability to harmonize the relationship with technology, Nature, and us.
We have the playbook. We just need to use it.
It’s time to give Nature a voice.

Voice for Nature Foundation x The Lost Explorer Mezcal

To mark Earth Day, we are delighted to announce a long-term partnership with The Lost Explorer Mezcal x Voice For Nature Foundation to advance a more sustainable and socially conscious mezcal industry, starting in our own backyard. We have begun their endeavor by consulting with expert advisors in creating an open-source exchange of sustainability best practices, which we hope will inspire further conversations and action within all industries that touch mezcal production.  As we embark, we look forward to sharing this journey with you. We intend to be both the student and teacher as we do our part to work toward a more environmentally sound world. #celebratetheearth

To learn more, check out The Lost Explorer Mezcal