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The Lonely Himalayas – project at editing stage

StFF beneficiary – The Lonely Himalayas team – reports on progress so far.

A small grant was made to help enable Ryan Stock and his team film a documentary to explore climate change, industrial farming and urban migration on remote Himalayan landscapes.

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New ways to monitor our sick planet reports that leading scientific journal Nature says the global warming target of 2oC is “tenuous” and calls for it to be “ditched” in a major comment article published in the 2 October 2014 edition of the influential publication.

As work begins to draft an agreement ahead of the next year’s United Nations climate summit in Paris next year, the authors conclude that the 2°C goal should be abandoned and replaced with a new set of achievable targets.

Read feature here.

Rachel Sussman – Feature

The Online version of the weekly magazine, The New Yorker, provides current articles, cartoons, blogs, audio, video, slide shows, an archive of articles and abstracts back to 1925.

Its latest issue carries a feature on StFF beneficiary, Rachel Sussman and her ‘Oldest Living Things in the World’ project and contains the shocking news that:

Of the thirty ancient living things that Sussman has photographed, two have since died.

The article is headed ‘Survivors’ and  is written by Raffi Khatchadourian.  Read the article here.




People’s Climate March in NYC on 21 September 2014

The People’s Climate March is being organized by an ever-growing coalition that comprises more than 1,000 organizations demanding world leaders take action to combat climate change. Because this is a “movement of movements” moment, the People’s Climate March is being organized in a participatory, open-source model.

The March – 11:30 am, Sunday 21 September

Assembly Location: Central Park West, between 65th and 86th Streets.

    • Enter on 65th, 72nd, 77th, 81st, or 86th Street.

March Route:

    • The march will begin at 11:30 am.
    • March down Central Park West and go east on 59th Street
    • Turn onto 6th Ave. and go south to 42nd Street
    • Turn right onto 42nd Street and go west to 11th Ave
    • Turn left on 11th Ave. and go south to 34th Street

End Location: 11th Ave. in the streets between 34th Street and 38thStreet

The partners want to make sure the People’s Climate March tells the story of today’s climate movement in all its parts – so is trying something new, and arranging the contingents of the march in a way that helps thread its many messages together.

If YOU’RE simply looking to march through the streets of New York with more people than have ever come together before to demand action on climate change, head to 86th St and Central Park West.

UNEP Reports Good News on Ozone Layer

StFF Supporter, Mr Achim Steiner, comments on the recently released UN Report on the scientific assessment of the ozone layer 2014.

The report, produced by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), indicates that the ozone layer is repairing, but Achim Steiner warns that:

“The challenges that we face are still huge,” UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said in a news release. The success of the Montreal Protocol should encourage further action not only on the protection and recovery of the ozone layer but also on climate.”

Read the article in Nature World News here.



Protect the Seabed from deep-sea trawling – Sign the Petition

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, is a UK campaign and petition that has the support of many NGOs.  The aim of the campaign is to motivate the UK Government to do the right thing to protect its natural heritage from the devastating effects of foreign deep-sea bottom trawlers (the bulk of deep-sea trawling occurs in UK waters, off Scotland).

Sign the petition now HERE

If you want more information, click:

Just as we wouldn’t allow Stonehenge to be bulldozed, we must also protect our unseen natural heritage.



Winner of ‘Beat Waste Startup Challenge’ growing

Founded by Parag Gupta, Waste Ventures works in India to incubate solid waste management companies that are owned and operated by waste pickers.  The company provides the tools to environmentally process the waste and in the process enables them to generate a much better living from selling recyclables,  biofertilizer and earn carbon credits.

In 2010 Waste Ventures was the winner of StFF funded ‘Beat Waste Startup Challenge’ and is now becoming an extremely successful company:

Waste Capital Partners, Inc. Completes its Convertible Note Offering

The Impact Enterprise Will Use Proceeds of Oversubscribed Round to Scale Model in India

San Francisco, CA: On August 29th, Waste Capital Partners, Inc. completed its convertible note offering. The round of finance led by the James Lee Sorenson Family Foundation will be primarily invested in its India operating company, Waste Ventures India, to streamline existing projects and dramatically expand the footprint of the Indian company in South India.

Parag Gupta, Founder and CEO of Waste Capital Partners, stated, “We were thrilled to be oversubscribed in commitments by investors. It is validation of both an extremely important issue that touches upon climate change, sanitation, livelihoods, and agriculture as well as the confidence in our company’s potential to profitably solve this challenge.”

Jim Sorenson, Founder of the Sorenson Foundation, stated, “The James Lee Sorenson Family Foundation is pleased to invest in Waste Capital Partners and its innovative model that cleans up cities in emerging markets while creating much needed compost for farmers.”

Other investors in this round include the Marshall Foundation, the Cordes Foundation, and Impact Assets. The Peery Foundation has also renewed its earlier investment.

About Waste Capital Partners, Inc.: Waste Capital Partners, Inc. environmentally processes waste in emerging markets to form nutrient-rich compost it sells to small farmers. Its efforts currently affect more than 240,000 residents and have been recognized by the United Nations and the Indian State Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is a Village Capital Winner and a Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) ‘Innovation Against Poverty’ Awardee.

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The Light House – new design concept for South African shack dwellers

Photo: Giles Ridely, Stephen Lamb

South African shack dwellers need safe temporary homes and StFF beneficiary Touching the Earth Lightly, run by designers Stephen Lamb and Andrew Lord, have ideas on how to provide them.  One of them is the Green Shack project, supported by StFF, the other is The Light House:

 … the Light House is designed with practicality in mind. It has vertical gardens for onsite food security, rainwater harvesting and grey-water recycling, options for solar electricity, and flush toilets. Moreover, the first Light House prototype sits on stilts, providing extra space for those with skills to generate income, which makes it more than just a tin shack.

Article by Cooper Nye, AUGUST 12 2014, BDay Live

Read more here.

Sustainability Conference – 30 September 2014

On 30 September 2014, Blue & Green Tomorrow will hold ‘Sustainable September’, a full-day sustainability conference (8am – 6pm) at the Royal Geographic Society.

Blue & Green Tomorrow provides the knowledge needed ‘to make informed choices without prejudice, scaremongering or Greenwash’. On its site you’ll find insights into how to invest responsibly, travel sustainably, shop ethically and use cleaner sources of energy.  The organisations aim is that the world should be as blue and green tomorrow as it was yesterday.

Blue & Green Tomorrow says: 

The sustainability event will be a TEDx-style conference, which will bring together over 20 visionaries and thought leaders to discuss sustainability and solutions to unsustainability, asking how we create a blue and green tomorrow. 

Follow this link for information on speakers (including Ben Goldsmith).


The End of Disposable Plastic Bags in France?

StFF beneficiary, Surfrider Foundation Europe, reports that there is the possibility that a ban of disposable plastic bags in France could start in January 2016.

This news is a big step for the Surfrider campaign against plastic bag and they are delighted, but remain mobilized to ensure that the bill receives parliamentary approval.

Surfrider hopes that this first victory in France will bring Europe a step closer to the introduction of a general ban.

Please find more information in Surfrider’s blog article :