United World Challenge

Tez Steinberg’s team have posted the first update on Tez’s row – some four weeks into the adventure:

Tez is now officially one month into his row. He has faced some unexpected challenges, like his phone resetting in his pocket on day 2 leaving him with no music or audio books. He was battling against a strong current dragging him in the wrong direction for what felt like forever, as well as bad weather and high seas. His rolling seat was also malfunctioning, leaving him to figure out a solution without the equipment he needed to fix it properly.

But just as you’d expect from this tenacious and crafty mer-man, he has so far been able to surmount all of these challenges, dig deep and find a way around them. For more amazing insights into his solo journey rowing across the Pacific Ocean, we highly recommend checking out our Story Map, which has lots of pictures, video and Tez’s written musings.