David’s Earth Day 2020 Message

In times of chaos, there is nothing more grounding than taking off your shoes so you can feel the Earth under your feet.  This Earth day should probably hold a more poignant place in our hearts than the last 50, as for the last few months Mother Nature has sent us all to our rooms to pause and reflect.

If our current pandemic has reminded me of anything, apart from how vulnerable and precious all life is, it’s also just how deeply interconnected and codependent we all are.  Business, society, Nature, me and you, we’re all part of the same big beautiful web of life.

It’s cliched to say, but if you keep on relentlessly pulling on one thread finally something has to give.  So as we re-emerge from our cocoons, there won’t be any easy answers, no final destination, and certainly no one-size-fits-all solution but the interconnectivity that threatened us all, might just also be our most promising hope for restoring the balance.

If we can take our new found collective consciousness, remain humble and work together with the flow of mother Nature and each other, then we might just find a way to keep on being passengers on spaceship Earth. Tread lightly!