We promote positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative and sustainable action

We support creative, innovative and sustainable action across the globe

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We invite you to join us in supporting individuals and organisations whose bold ideas have real and measurable impact for Nature. Together we can give Nature a voice.

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The Watchtower Project – Jamaica

The Watchtower project is seeking to tell the story of the Jamaican Environmental Advocates, the ecosystems they are trying to protect, and to build the…

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Asociación Hippocampus – Plumbum Project

Founded in 2007 in the Region of Murcia, in Spain, the Hippocampus Association is a non-profit organization of volunteers working to study and help enable…

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Urban Rivers

Founded in 2013, this is a Chicago-based nonprofit working to improve the water quality of urban waterways and increase the natural habitat within their banks…

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Atelier Aquatic

The Trustees have awarded a small grant to Atelier Aquatic towards the cost of the workshop and education sessions of its project, ‘Art Ocean Adventure’,…

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Galapagos Conservation Trust

A small grant has been awarded to the Galapagos Conservation Trust for the project ‘Addressing the root cause of plastic pollution: using storytelling as a…

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Environmental Justice Foundation

The charity works to secure a world where natural habitats and environments can sustain, and be sustained by, the communities that depend upon them for…

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