Galapagos Conservation Trust

A small grant has been awarded to the Galapagos Conservation Trust for the project ‘Addressing the root cause of plastic pollution: using storytelling as a tool for behaviour change’.

The grant will help the charity deliver a bilingual education resource, centered around storytelling, to inspire students’ awareness of the environmental consequences of individual actions.

The project is planned to take place from September 2020-February 2021 (six months) and will deliver and evaluate a home learning activity for 8-10-year-olds – Plastic Litter Story Project: A Journey to the Ocean – an educational storytelling resource that promotes the adoption of environmentally responsible behaviours.  The students are asked to focus on a chosen subject and explore its ‘life’ from source to destination.  They are guided on key thinking points and will need to address key questions including:

Who used the object and what was it used for?

What human actions or behaviour led to the object becoming marine debris?

What impact could the object have if it stays on the beach or in the ocean?

Students/teachers will be encouraged to share these stories to celebrate their work with the charity’s education network (in the UK, Galapagos, and mainland South America).  The resource has been developed in English and will be translated into Spanish and will be made freely available on its Discovering Galapagos websites.

Designed to enhance home learning during the pandemic, the resources are also fully transferable to the classroom environment and we will continue to promote their use into the future, including through its teacher training workshops in the UK and Ecuador.

For further information on the plastic pollution work of the Galapagos Conservation Trust, click here

Photo credit: Andy Donnelly (GCT)