Save the Arctic – Greenpeace Campaign

The following message has been received from Greenpeace:

Imagine a deafening sound bomb going off in your home, so loud it causes you unbearable pain and destroys your hearing.As oil companies race to drill in Arctic waters, they carry out deadly seismic tests that force nearby whales and dolphins to flee the noise – or die trying. Almost 4 million people have joined our movement to save the Arctic. Please add your voice to help us get there.

Click here to sign the petition to create a global sanctuary in the Arctic, protected from offshore drilling and destructive industry.

Underwater sound levels over 180-190 decibels are extremely dangerous for marine mammals: if they are within 450-500 metres they will lose their hearing permanently. If they get within 150 metres where the sound reaches 245 decibels, the animals will die.

On top of the lethal risks it poses to wildlife, seismic testing is yet another step in the direction of reckless Arctic drilling, drilling we know will never be safe. We’re doing everything we can to protect the Arctic from the ravages of oil companies’ greed, but we won’t succeed without you on board. 

Please, take a moment to join the call for Arctic protection. With your help, we could reach 4 million by next month.

With sincere thanks,

Christy Ferguson
Arctic Campaigner