New Project for Living on One

Living On One – StFF beneficiary – launched a new project this month ‘Salam Neighbor’. This young organisation was supported in 2012 to take its award winning ‘Living on One Dollar’ film on tour across the US to inspire young people to action.

On its website Living On One explains that it

uses immersive storytelling to create films, television series, and educational content combined with targeted social impact campaigns to inspire action around pressing global issues. By engaging a young and social media savvy audience, we have been able to create unprecedented awareness for important issues ignored by mainstream media. On all our films, we work with the best humanitarian organizations in the sector to provide opportunities for our audience to easily make a difference.

On 19 January 2014, the team left their Los Angeles  homes to spend 4 weeks living alongside recently displaced families in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.  Through shared experiences, they hope to understand the greatest needs of refugees, and how they can be supported as they restart their lives.