Urban Street Forest Foundation

This Dutch non-profit organisation uses vertical greening in cities as a tool to plant as many trees as possible in developing countries for the benefit of large-scale landscape restoration in the fight against desertification.  For every tree planted by children, neighbors, local shops, and local organisations on the balconies of high-rise city apartments, the charity arranges with local farmers for trees to be planted in developing countries to help make their lands fertile again.

A grant has been made to support the editing of an online desertification video series in 10 parts providing easily accessible information about the history of desertification its impact on farmers and villages, to inform the public on how desertification may be tackled, and inspire us all to take action.

9 short videos, 1.5-minutes duration, will be posted online over a variety of outlets during November and December 2020.   The project is aimed particularly at Spanish people, farmers, administrators, and policymakers.  The video will be in Spanish with English subtitles.

Check out this introduction to the organisation’s work here

Update:  the project has produced 9 episodes of the Urban Street Forest video series on desertification titled as follows:
1 – The earth is getting bald
2 – The role of mankind
3 – Millenary trees
4 – Modern agriculture
5 – The rural exodus
6 – Dried up wells
7 – European subsidies
8 – Planting in arid zones
9 – Working with farmers