Trail Visionaries 2017

A donation has been made towards World Trails Network’s first Next Generation Trail Visionaries Expedition to support 16 amazing young trail visionaries from around the world on their expedition in September 2017 in Japan.  The donation released matched funds from another supporter.

The young team was supported to participate in an adventure in Japan – kayaking the San’in Kaigan Coast, cycling through lost valleys, hiking Mt Daisen, and exploring spiritual walks and Zen monasteries along the way, and the Onsen hot springs.  The mission’s aim was to document a global dialogue about trails while out on the trail with an incredibly diverse group representing trails for around the world – the aim is to chart a way forward for trails in the future.

A short documentary film of the adventure will premiere at the launch of the World of Trails Film Festival in September 2018 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain where World Trails Network will be hosting the 7th World Trails Conference.

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