The World We Made

Sir Jonathon Porritt’s charity, Forum for the Future, has received a small grant to develop a project from his soon-to-be-published book ‘The World We Made’.  The new book (available in October 2013) is a visionary story of our greener, more sustainable future, and the initiative being developed will change the way people think about sustainability – make people excited and proactive about making changes – rather than feeling guilty.

The book and the project look back on the world from the standpoint of living in the world of 2050.  By then, all the problems have been overcome and the world is a wonderful place to live in – for everyone.  The initiative talks you through how!

The project will be website-based and will inspire young people to become ‘visionaries’ and create their own sustainable futures and communities.  The website will enrich today’s educational materials for use beyond the classroom and provide a showcase for technologies and innovators who are turning this dream into a reality.

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