fanSHEN ‘Invisible Treasure’ – systems and power, agency and energy

‘Invisible Treasure’ is an allegorical play-space project where young people experience their own agency, a highly interactive story about shaping the world you want to live in.  The work is aimed at KS 2 children (7-11) and spans live and digital realms, offering opportunities for online activity and learning before and after the live experience.  It will also engage adults. fanSHEN was given a Tipping Point Award to create ‘Invisible Treasure’.  Tipping Point is a national catalyst organisation seeking to increase artists’ involvement in a response to climate change and has so far made 10 awards.  fanSHEN will also work with digital designer Pete Hellicar and interactive engineer Joel Lewis and with Lou Coleman, an expert in working with special needs children, in order to make a piece that will be fully accessible. A grant has been made towards this work, which will be presented at Ovalhouse for 3 weeks in Oct/Nov 2015 in half term and term time to maximize young people’s access to the show.