GreenandPleasantLand – FanSHEN

FanSHEN is a performing arts charity that uses theatre to help people imagine what they haven’t thought of yet.  Its work promotes ideas of environmental, social, and financial sustainability.  The company is co-founder of Small Fish in a Big Green Sea, a group of small-scale theatre companies and artists who meet monthly to discuss issues and explore innovation around theatre and sustainability.

The charity’s show ‘GreenandPleasantLand’ presents a greener way of life that is happier and more fun.  Its aim is to inspire change on a personal level by exploring themes of climate change and sustainability – raising awareness and educating young children about these important subjects.  Practising what they preach – the show is performed during the daytime; the soundtrack is powered with a bicycle generator, and it is toured exclusively by train giving the show only 43% of the carbon footprint of a traditional small-scale theatre tour.  It also urges audience members to travel to its shows by bike or public transport.

A small grant was provided to help enable FanSHEN to tour this successful eco-outdoor show ‘GreenandPleasantLand’ to primary schools in Wandsworth and Lambeth in June 2013.  A resource pack for teachers will provide lessons for pre and post-visit to consolidate the eco-learning.  The theatre group will perform in 12 primary schools and reach audiences of more than 2000 children.

The full show can be seen on Vimeo:  Part 1 and Part 2