Galapagos Conservation Trust

This charity has been awarded a further grant to support its creative youth-led outreach campaign which links Galapagos communities to sustainable solutions for plastic pollution.

Central to the outreach element of the charity’s plastics programme is altering attitudes and behaviours with single-use plastics among local communities and tourists but this is very difficult to tackle.

GECO is a group working on San Cristobal island to empower local youth to make a positive difference to their community. With a focus on reducing plastic bag use, they are working on ideas for campaigns in shops, tourist areas, and their schools with a goal to reduce plastic bag use by 50% in the next year.  In 2018/19 the group will continue to participate in its citizen science litter monitoring projects and will facilitate inter-island exchange of ideas for campaign activities between San Cristobal local youth leaders and new youth leaders on Isabela.

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