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United World Challenge

Tez Steinberg’s team have posted the first update on Tez’s row – some four weeks into the adventure:

“Tez is now officially one month into his row. He has faced some unexpected challenges, like his phone resetting in his pocket on day 2 leaving him with no music or audio books. He was battling against a strong current dragging him in the wrong direction for what felt like forever, as well as bad weather and high seas. His rolling seat was also malfunctioning, leaving him to figure out a solution without the equipment he needed to fix it properly.

But just as you’d expect from this tenacious and crafty mer-man, he has so far been able to surmount all of these challenges, dig deep and find a way around them. For more amazing insights into his solo journey rowing across the Pacific Ocean, we highly recommend checking out our Story Map, which has lots of pictures, video and Tez’s written musings.”

Plastiki – 10 Year Anniversary

26 July 2010 saw the arrival of the Plastiki into Sydney Harbour.

Ten years on, the story of plastics in the oceans is mainstream – solutions for eradication or at least management of the problem are emerging.

The Plastiki’s story is fascinating and inspiring and you can relive it all here

The story is not over – Plastiki is now in the UK preparing for another adventure!

Update from the Galapagos Conservation Trust:


GECO trip to Isabela island

Thanks to Sculpt the Future Foundation’s support, we are able to extend the reach of GECO’s campaign to Isabela island, Galapagos. In October, the first trip to Isabela was conducted, with four GECO members travelling to San Cristobal to participate in a cultural exchange with a local group on Isabela called Manos Reciclando (translates to ‘Recycling Hands’). 

GECO members stayed for three and a half days and shared experiences and knowledge on responsible consumption of single-use plastics and reusing waste materials, as well as the campaign activities they conduct on San Cristobal to promote responsible plastic use. Manos Reciclando also shared the activities they do to encourage more families to engage with this issue and conducted a workshop with GECO members to show how they’re using creative methods to find other uses for plastic waste. 

The trip was a great success. Together, both groups also visited Radio Isabela to communicate the activities that were carried out to the community and to encourage more Galapagueños to reduce their plastic consumption. 

Another trip to Isabela has been planned for March 2019, and we look forward to sharing updates from this trip in due course.

All images:  ‘© GECO’

Running South America with my husband and other animals

StFF beneficiary – the 5000 Mile Project – has launched its book entitled: ‘Running South America with my Husband & other animals’.

This expedition was a first! An epic adventure documented by Katharine and David Lowrie, who are both keen environmentalists.

They are giving talks and having book signing events in the UK or you can buy it from the publisher here or if you can’t do that, then from or

Katharine and Dave are an inspiration but check out their video first and make your own mind up:

5000 Mile Project – update

StFF beneficiary couple – David and Katharine Lowrie – are the first to run the length of South America, unsupported, for its wilderness and wildlife.

The following is an extract from their latest email update:

NEW BOOK!- Running South America with my husband and other animals
I have a publisher! ‘Running South America with my husband and other animals’ will be zooming into shops near you from this August! It’s about our love affair with running and wildlife- so much so, that we ran a continent to meet its wild animals. How we lived life at its rawest; with insects crawling over us, sleeping in jaguars’ ‘back-yards’ and washing in ditches by the side of the road. Running marathons back-to-back for days on end, this crazy feat nearly cost us our marriage, health and lives….. More details to come!

Check out their website here

5000 Mile Project

Mountain Caribou Initiative

David Moskovitz was supported to undertake work to help conserve the Mountain Caribou. The following is an update from David on his work.

Please also see this Lost Explorer article.

Mountain Caribou 2

Film: We are starting work on production for a 20 minute documentary on mountain caribou, the inland rainforest and BC’s continued efforts to liquidate a large percentage of the remaining old growth of the region. We are aiming to have the film ready for release in late spring 2017.

Photography: Images from the project appeared in the New York Times. High Country News also published a photo essay and article by myself on the plight of mountain caribou.

Book: I have a book contract with Braided River Press for a photography book on this story, schedule for publication for fall of 2018.

Education: We are working on developing educational resources which will accompany all of our major content pieces for the project to make it easy for teachers and community groups to use our content for structured educational purposes

Community Conversations: Our team has delivered our first slideshows for the project, all here in Washington State. One of our current tasks is to reach out to communities on a larger scale to bring the story in person to people within the region and beyond.

Continuing Field Work: I am planning on another 3 seasons of field work for the project as I work to nail down some of the most challenging and important images for this story.

Policy: The Canadian and USA federal governments are both currently reviewing their management of mountain caribou. Canada should have revisions to the current plan out in early 2017. Early reports are that the new plan will be stronger then the existing plan including important additional habitat protections. We are poised for these announcements to drive public engagement for official comment periods and to help hold government accountable.

Social Media: We have an active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. We have been quiet the past several weeks since the USA elections as we have been dealing with more urgent conservation and social justice issues but will be gearing back up after the new year. Every major content release for this project will be paired with a coordinated social medial campaign.

As we roll into our final year of field work and and production of our most ambitious content pieces its good to see a growing number of individuals and organizations giving us support and encouragement along the way!

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. We appreciate your support for the project.

New project supported – Mountain Caribou Expedition

Mountain caribou are on the brink of disappearing across most of their range in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and Canada.  David Moskowitz took part in the Wolf OR 7 Expedition, supported by StFF in 2014 and has now launched a new project to explore the world of mountain caribou and the conservation challenges faced to sustain them and the unique mountain landscapes they depend on.

Sculpt the Future Foundation has made a donation towards the project – see project page for more detail.

Swim the Eden – Report

In August, three brothers, Robbie, Calum and Jack Hudson, swam the length of the River Eden in Cumbria gaining Cumbrian, British and World Records in the process. StFF supported this adventure with a small grant and helped these boys achieve their ambition and will inspire young people and the local community engage with and value their environment.

Swim the Eden pic


We really couldn’t have done the swim without Sculpt the Future and will be eternally grateful for your support. It is something we will never forget and we think has inspired lots of people to engage in a more sustainable and positive relationship with the environment.

Kate Rew the head of the Outdoor Swimming Society (18,000 members) said that we “had captured the public imagination” and were “the big hit of the

summer”. The BBC said that it was an “incredible achievement” and ITV described it as “epic and engaging”.  Calum Hudson

Read reports  of their success here and here


Ed Stafford talks to Steve Backshall on BBC Radio 4

In a new series of BBC Radio 4’s ‘One to One’,  Steve Backshall meets StFF beneficiary, Ed Stafford, the first person to walk the 6,000-mile length of the Amazon River over a two-and-a-half year period.  Backshall’s aim is to discover what drives his guest to attempt almost superhuman challenges.

During the interview, Ed talks about being an adventurer and describes his formative years, to profound and fascinating effect.

We hear about his not-particularly-happy time at public school, a rebellious period as a young man and his thoughts on being adopted. He’s a pleasure to listen to, full of wisdom but never self-important:

To put yourself through hardship now is just a way of constantly making sure you evolve.

Ed Stafford

See Chris Gardner’s full review for The Radio Times

Listen to the full interview on BBC iplayer:





Swim the Eden – Update

I wanted to give David and the trustees a quick update on our Swim the Eden challenge.  We’ve got 26 days to go until the first day of our challenge and wanted to thank you again for all your support so far.
Here are some of the key highlights over the past month.

We’ve had a very large number of people get in touch about coming down to join us during our swim. This has ranged from local school kids who want to share a tin of beans at the end of the day while we’re camping, an elderly woman who swims everyday and has swam in the Eden for 65 years and farmers who want to bring their family down to wave as we swim past. These small gestures go a long way and we’re very proud that we’re inspiring people to reconnect with the natural world right outside their front door.

You’ve helped us generate a lot media interest and we’ve had many outlets contact us, from a CNN reporter who loves outdoor swimming, a Vogue photographer with an interest in siblings and twins, a BBC presenter with no previous wild swimming experience whose been roped in to do a whole day with us and many local newspapers and magazines. This is a huge help in promoting our conservation message and hopefully will make people rethink their own relationship with our natural heritage.

The Outdoor Swimming Society, the UK’s biggest wild swimming community (21,000 subscribers) has tipped our Swim the Eden expedition as this years big swimming challenge and they’ve run a competition for 10 winners to join us on the final 2 days of our adventure.

On a personal level your grant has enabled me to organise and plan what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable adventure and a journey that, alongside my brothers Robbie and Jack, I’ll never forget.
We’ve got an upcoming swim across the Corryvreckan on August 2nd as a training exercise for the Eden. The Corryvreckan is the 3rd largest whirlpool in the world and shipwrecked George Orwell and his brother while he was writing 1984 on Jura, we’ll be swimming straight across it and will be the first brothers to do this. I know David is a fan of unusual adventures and thought he might like that one.

The Corryvreckan Vortex

I will keep the updates coming as we get closer to the start date, back to the pool for me!
Have a great week.
Best regards,