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On #WorldEnvironmentDay #YearOfGreenAction ambassador @DRexplore is waging war against plastic straws. Make your pledge to stop using straws at and find out more at #StrawWars’



Straw Wars – website update for World Environment Day

On #WorldEnvironmentDay #YearOfGreenAction ambassador @DRexplore is waging war against plastic straws. Make your pledge to stop using straws at and find out more at #StrawWars’


Mountain Caribou Initiative

David Moskovitz was supported to undertake work to help conserve the Mountain Caribou. The following is an update from David on his work.

Please also see this Lost Explorer article.

Mountain Caribou 2

Film: We are starting work on production for a 20 minute documentary on mountain caribou, the inland rainforest and BC’s continued efforts to liquidate a large percentage of the remaining old growth of the region. We are aiming to have the film ready for release in late spring 2017.

Photography: Images from the project appeared in the New York Times. High Country News also published a photo essay and article by myself on the plight of mountain caribou.

Book: I have a book contract with Braided River Press for a photography book on this story, schedule for publication for fall of 2018.

Education: We are working on developing educational resources which will accompany all of our major content pieces for the project to make it easy for teachers and community groups to use our content for structured educational purposes

Community Conversations: Our team has delivered our first slideshows for the project, all here in Washington State. One of our current tasks is to reach out to communities on a larger scale to bring the story in person to people within the region and beyond.

Continuing Field Work: I am planning on another 3 seasons of field work for the project as I work to nail down some of the most challenging and important images for this story.

Policy: The Canadian and USA federal governments are both currently reviewing their management of mountain caribou. Canada should have revisions to the current plan out in early 2017. Early reports are that the new plan will be stronger then the existing plan including important additional habitat protections. We are poised for these announcements to drive public engagement for official comment periods and to help hold government accountable.

Social Media: We have an active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. We have been quiet the past several weeks since the USA elections as we have been dealing with more urgent conservation and social justice issues but will be gearing back up after the new year. Every major content release for this project will be paired with a coordinated social medial campaign.

As we roll into our final year of field work and and production of our most ambitious content pieces its good to see a growing number of individuals and organizations giving us support and encouragement along the way!

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. We appreciate your support for the project.

American Museum of Natural History – newly digitized archives

The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan released more than 7,000 images at the beginning of May – the result of a digitization project started in 2006, which will eventually see the release of more than 1 million photos.

Click here for access.

Mount Fuji 'Bloodroot Flower' Wild Flowers, Glacier National Park, Montana


The Oldest Living Things in the World – Rachel Sussman

Rachel Sussman’s book of The Oldest Living Things in the World project, supported by StFF, is out now.

Click here for link to publisher.

Ed Stafford – adventurer’s new show on Discovery Channel

Ed Stafford is an StFF beneficiary – see his epic expedition to walk the length of the Amazon.

His new Discovery Channel show ‘Marooned‘ starts on 4 May 2014 (five part series).





Oldest Living Things Project – Book

Rachel Sussman’s ‘Oldest Living Things’ project was supported by the Foundation and the book is due out on 22 April 2014 in both the UK and the US.


Go to Rachel’ site to read more.



Global award in photography and sustainability – short list announced

Founded by the Swiss private bank Pictet & Cie in 2008, the Prix Pictet is the world’s leading prize in photography and sustainability. The award aims to uncover outstanding photography applied to confront the most pressing social and environmental challenges of today.

The Prix Pictet has two elements: the prize of CHF 100,000 and the Commission, in which a nominated photographer is invited to undertake a field trip to a region where the Bank is supporting a sustainability project.

Check out the Jury and shortlisted photographers here

Hong Hao
My Things




The Face of Climate Change

Richard Branson

On 22 April 22 2013 more than one billion people around the world took part in the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth Day Network asked its supporters to become ‘climate reporters’ by sending in their pictures and stories to show ‘The Face of Climate Chance’.  They collected some great pictures and associated stories from people around the world – take a look at what was sent in:

Oldest Living Things In The World


See Rachel Sussman’s new essay on Art, Science & Story for ‘s Spot On series now live! 

You can read in full here.