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Impact of climate change on a remote Himalayan landscape

Kickstarter Project to produce a documentary to explore climate change, industrial farming and urban migration on remote Himalayan landscapes.

The acceleration of urban migration, coupled with the ravages of climate change, have left many Kumaoni villages abandoned, their landscapes irrevocably altered.  By involving the youth of West Binsar Valley in filming this documentary, they are given an opportunity to learn a professional skill while examining their cultural heritage.

Ryan Stock, Producer

StFF support has helped the project reach its Kickstarter target and you can check it out here.

Media Workshop with Binsar Valley youth


A three-zone Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery – Natural History Museum in London

A new Gallery opened on 31st January 2014 at the Natural History Museum in London.

Dedicated to Volcanoes and Earthquakes, the  Gallery even has a quake simulator recreating the feel of a shake beneath the ground.

The power and intensity of volcanoes and earthquakes has dominated nature since the beginning of time yet our knowledge of them continues to evolve. In this gallery, you’ll be absorbed in every element of their existence, from the captivating science behind what makes them the most astonishing spectacles of nature, to their ability to transform communities around the world.

Dr Chiara Petrone, Petrology Scientist

Visit the Museum’s website for more information.

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